2014-2015 School Theme



Every Sunday - Morning Worship:  Immanuel, 8:00 - St Paul, 8:45 - Immanuel, 10:30

Tues. 9/16 - Knights Soccer Away vs. St Paul, Flint  4:45

Knights Volleyball Home Game vs. St Paul, Flint  4:45

Wed. 9/17 - 8th Grade Class Trip Parent Meeting 6:30pm

Thurs. 9/18 - Knights Soccer Home Game vs. St Paul, Lapeer 4:45

Knights Volleyball Away vs. St Paul, Lapeer  4:45


Sunday 9/21 Jr Children's Choir Sings in Worship, 8:00 Immanuel


Sports Schedules for this week

Practices for the Week:

A-team VB   Mon 3:10-5:00 PM & Weds.   5:00-6:30 PM

B-team VB   Mon.  5:00-6:30 PM & Weds.   3:10-5:00 PM

Soccer    Mon/Weds 3:10 - 5:00 PM



Games for the Week:

This Tuesday, our sports teams have a split schedule with both sports playing at 4:45 PM. Playing at home will be our volleyball teams versus St. Paul, Flint. Playing at the YMCA against St. Paul, Flint, will be our soccer team.

This Thursday, our sports teams have another split schedule with games starting at 4:45 PM where the volleyball team will be traveling to St. Paul, Lapeer. Our soccer team will host St. Paul, Lapeer, on our home field.



It is time for our angelic choir to join voices with the heavenly voices. The Junior Children’s Choir, this would be grades 2-4, will be the first school choir to sing and glorify God this school year. They will be singing in Immanuel Lutheran Church, Sebewaing, at the 8:00 AM service.

Charleston Wrap fundraising is going on NOW. Please make sure that you are taking advantage of our fall fundraiser to help support our school. We will end the sale with all slips and monies due on Monday, Sept 22nd. Thanks for all your support.  www.charlestonwrap.com

THIS IS NOT A REPEAT! WE HAVE ANOTHER Eighth Grade DC meeting. We are having a second meeting to solidify the details from our previous meeting THIS Wednesday night starting at 6:30 PM. We will need volunteers to help spearhead some of our ideas. Again, we are having a DC Class trip meeting on Wednesday!

A Remedial Note that Won’t Take Long… We do NOT have afternoon bussing because of the half day at USA Schools (in-service day at USA schools) on Friday, Sept. 19th. Please make arrangements to have your child picked up from Chris the King Lutheran School at the normal dismissal time of 3:05 PM. Thanks again in advance.

On Wednesday, September 17. 2014, Christ the King will be observing "U.S. Constitution Day." On this day students in every classroom across the nation will be learning about the United States Constitution. Here at Christ the King, we will again begin the morning around the flagpole - with Constitution lessons for every grade during Social Studies time throughout the day. Our U.S. Constitution is a very unique and historic document, especially the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution known as the "Bill of Rights". It is because of the greatness of our U.S. Constitution that we can call the U.S.A. "the land of the free and the home of the brave"!

If there is a friend or member of your family that you would like Mr Kaiser to talk to about becoming a new family member at Christ the King Lutheran School, please drop their name of in the school office or give him a call. It is always heartwarming when Christ the King Lutheran School can add another sheep to the Shepherd’s flock.

I do remember volunteering! There are three events that are beginning to take shape. #1-The Bike-A-Thon is coming up on Friday, Oct. 10th. Your name has been given to Mrs. Werschky and Mrs. Kaiser who will be coordinating that event. #2-The Trunk or Treat Event will be happening on Friday, Oct. 24th. Mrs. Kauffold is a blessing as she heads this event for the little ones. #3-The School Auction is beginning its planning. We will be holding an initial meeting on Sunday, Sept. 28th, at 6 PM at the Sebewaing campus. If you have not signed up to help, please do so because Christ the King Lutheran School exists only because of the wonderful parents who sacrifice their time and talents for the benefit of all our little angels.

There is starting to be a dilemma about sports players and siblings staying after school until their game begins.  Unless a student athlete has permission from a teacher, who is supervising their stay, students athletes are to go home and return when the coach has asked them to return for warmups for the sporting events. Please make sure your athlete knows the arrangements you have setup for them. We had a Tailgating Party for the first game which is why we let the student body stay through until the game. Thanks for your help in this matter.

Hey Mr. Kaiser – when are we getting our shirts? Christ the King will be taking orders for clothing until Sept. 26th. We will then be turning those orders into the printer so she may begin filling orders. Please make sure that payment & orders are turned into the school office by then.

Mr Kaiser wanted to give all families a friendly reminder who have a balance from school registration. If you have a financial plan to pay down your balance, good for you! If not, he wants to make sure you have budgeted into your monthly bills payments to Christ the King Lutheran to help bring down the balance. He also invites you to taken advantage of our school fundraisers so that the balance will be paid in full by the end of the year.

I cannot wait to see you in church next Sunday. It is refreshing to any teacher when they are able to see the smiling face of one of their students greeting the teacher after worshiping Jesus. We ask that you think about attending Bible study and taking your child to Sunday school as well. The more we are able to immerse your child in a loving, Christian atmosphere, the less likely the devil will be able to lead OUR children away from Christ. Please check your church for starting dates for Sunday school.

We have two new links on our School Website Sidebar!!!  Check weekly for new devotionals, Bible readings, and prayers.  This week our devotion comes from our Immanuel Pastor, Pastor Boyer.  Also be sure to click on the Collide page for any updates on Youth Activities.  Chuck invites ANY 7th - 12th grader to join in on the fun.

If you have a prayer request that we could list in the newsletter,  there is a new opportunity which might interest you. There is a prayer group that meets on Mondays from 8:15-9:15 called Moms in Touch. This group of mothers meet in the Great Room at Immanuel Lutheran Church. They pray for our students, for our staff, and for our own prayer requests. There will be a small box sitting on the ledge outside of the school office. Please drop in a request if a need or celebration should arise. If you feel like this would be something you are interested in, please feel free to join them or let Mrs Carol Maust know.

Chapel Offerings for August – November are designated for the Wittenberg Project. The goal of the Wittenberg Project is to honor our Lutheran heritage as we approach the 500th anniversary of the Reformation by nurturing and strengthening the faith of Christians and introducing the Christian faith to non-Christians. Through development of a Christian education and outreach center in the very birthplace of the Reformation, we will attract students and visitors, promote confessional-Lutheran theology, and open doors to Gospel outreach and works of mercy.  For more information, please visit  http://thewittenbergproject.org/.

Is this guy serious? Yes, yes, he is. Mr. Kaiser would love to extend an open invitation to all parents or loved ones of Christ the King Lutheran students to attend any school chapel. Most of the chapels occur on Wednesday.   At the Sebewaing campus, they begin shortly after 8:00 AM. At the Unionville campus, the services take place at 9:30 AM. Please join us to worship our Lord.


Sebewaing Campus
2nd - 8th Grades & Office
612 E. Bay Street
Sebewaing, MI  48759

Unionville Campus
Pre School - 1st Grades
6351 Center Street
Unionville, MI 48767

The mission of Christ the King Lutheran School 
is educating children to be effective disciples of Jesus.

We have developed this website to help you discover more about the mission and ministry of
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