Bussing Information for PreSchool

The bussing to CTKL Early Childhood Center for pres/Pre-K will begin Sept.16th. There is no charge for this.

Mornings (A.M.): Bus leaving the Sebewaing Campus:

Get on #07 Deer Bus driven by Beth Schnitker – goes to USA, transfer to the #03 Squirrel Bus driven by Paul Klaus. Arrive at CTKL in Unionville.

Pres/Pre-K Heading Home: Get on #07 Deer Bus driven by Beth Schnitker, go to USA.   If coming to Sebewaing, stay on that bus and get dropped off at the park, Methodist Church, or Saundra Edler’s on Auch Street.

Afternoons (P.M.):  Leave Sebewaing:

#10 Butterfly Bus: driven by Joyce Schwartz, Go to USA.

To ride shuttle to Unionville, get on #00 Lion Bus. This bus goes to Christ the King Unionville and to the bus garage in Unionville.

If not going to Unionville, get on the bus that goes to your home or daycare.


Special Reminder for Preschool/pre-K /and Kindergarten families:

When children are young and just beginning school or starting school in a new classroom or with a new teacher, these things are unfamiliar to them and can cause them to feel anxious, nervous, and even scared. Riding the bus with “big kids” can also be scary for a young child, especially when they aren’t going someplace familiar to them at first. Please be sure to talk with your child about these new things. Explain to them what will happen and what they can expect. Walk them through it until they feel comfortable with doing it themselves. Introduce them to a second grader who also goes to Christ the king- Unionville campus, who can help out or be a “Big Buddy friend” and show them the ropes. Possibly bring them to school by car for the first two weeks until they feel comfortable with school before putting them on the bus, or have a grandparent or friend they feel comfortable with drive them.  Soon these young ones will feel secure with the new situations and experiences and will be able to do it all by themselves like a “big kid”.