Extra-Curricular Activities

  2017-2018 Student Council Representatives for Christ the King
Grade 3: Cally Shelson, Tucker Truemner; 
Gr. 4: McKenna Kemp, Kasen Fiebig; 
Gr. 5: Lily Mammel, Channing Kuhl, and Dalton Anderson; 
Gr. 6: Alberta Reinbold, Taylor Alderson; 
Gr. 7 : Gabriella Reinbold, Keaton Shelson; 
Gr. 8 Brooklynn Kuhl, Bryce MacFarlane. 

These students were elected by their classmates to the student council. The student council coordinates collection drives like the canned food drive as well as plans for special events to happen for our school like themed-clothing days. They also have a voice in Lutheran Schools Week as well. Congratulations!
Grades 3-5

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Grades 6-8
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If your child is interested in participating FIRST Robotics this year, please call, leave a message, or e-mail the CTK School Office at 883-3730