"God's Love Will Never Let Us Go"
Sung by the CTK Children's Choir - Grades 2-4
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Sung by Chorale - Grades 5-8
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I dare not lift my guilty eyes.
I hide my lips in trembling shame.
And in the darkness of my soul,
I shrink from Your rekindling flame.

Refrain: Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison, have mercy.

In mercy cover me with grace
And blot out my iniquity.
Renew my heart and wash me clean;
Grant with Your pardon, purity.


In equal measure of Your love,
You promised mercy,
Tender compassion to the one, 
Who seeks Your face.
A broken heart, a fainting soul,
A contrite spirit,
Together cry for Your forgiveness and Your grace.
Against You only have I sinned.
My deeds are evil in Your sight.
Of Your forgiveness let me sing,
and in my singing take delight.


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