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"God's Love Will Never Let Us Go"
Sung by the CTK Children's Choir - Grades 2-4

Sung by Chorale - Grades 5-8

I dare not lift my guilty eyes.
I hide my lips in trembling shame.
And in the darkness of my soul,
I shrink from Your rekindling flame.

Refrain: Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison, have mercy.

In mercy cover me with grace
And blot out my iniquity.
Renew my heart and wash me clean;
Grant with Your pardon, purity.


In equal measure of Your love,
You promised mercy,
Tender compassion to the one, 
Who seeks Your face.
A broken heart, a fainting soul,
A contrite spirit,
Together cry for Your forgiveness and Your grace.
Against You only have I sinned.
My deeds are evil in Your sight.
Of Your forgiveness let me sing,
and in my singing take delight.


CTK 3rd and 4th Quarter Music Schedule

Wednesday, March 21Carillon Choir, Immanuel  4pm

Friday, April 13 – National Anthem @ Dow Diamond, Children’s Choir and Chorale 5:20pm

Sunday, April 15Cherub Choir, St Paul 9am

Sunday, April 29Bells for Christ, St Paul 9am 

Friday, May 11 – Music Fest Concert (All participants going to Music Fest) 7pm

Thursday, May 17 – Music Fest @ VLHS

Sunday, May 13Children’s Choir, Immanuel 8am

June 4 – CTK Graduation, Chorale 6:20pm

Cherub – Grades K-1

Children’s – Grades 2-4

Chorale – Grades 5-8

Cherub Choir - Grades K and 1; Children's Choir - Grades 2-4; Chorale - Grades 5-8

CTK Bells for Christ - 6th grade; CTK Carillon Choir - 7th grade and 8th grade

Chorale - Mercy.m4a
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Gods Love Will Never Let Us Go- CTK Childrens Choir.m4a
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