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CHEESE, Again??? Yes, picture retakes will be taking place this Wednesday, October 18, beginning at 8 AM for both campuses at the Sebewaing gymnasium. Mrs. Bowman will be here to take retake pictures for students. Please make sure to send in your old pictures if you are choosing to have your son or daughter do it again. If you have any questions, please call the school office at 883-3730. 

CHAPEL CHANGE!!! Please note that chapel will be taking place on Thursday this week! CTK does this in order to accommodate the schedule of Pastor Suggitt from Caseville!!! The time is the same - just a different time. 

Next week, be watching for Parent-Teacher conference slips. They will be sent home on Monday. CTK requests that these be sent back by Thursday of next week. Again, next week’s newsletter has important information for you.

Please remember to bring your items in for the young boy battling cancer. We have again attached the flyer to your newsletter about what each grade has been asked to bring into the school. This needs to be done by Oct. 20th . Please contact your student’s teacher to see what still needs to be purchased for the three baskets that CTK has been asked to create.

Ricochet Junior High Youth announcement from THE McGathy…Sunday, Oct. 22nd at Kohl Farms. Grades 6-8 are invited to come out and share a hot dog and drink for free. $5.00 to run the maze and extra money for candied apples and other nutritious items that Mrs. Obama would not allow in our cafeterias because they have too many calories. Festivities are from 2-4 PM. Be there or be a regular rectangle (The only person who got that is Mr. Deneen!). 

Coin War- The 4th graders will be raising funds for the Veteran's Homeless Shelter in Akron through a classroom coin war. The donation will be given to the shelter for Veteran's day this November. Each class will have their own jugs in the hallway to collect their coins. The object of the war is to collect as many pennies as you can. Other grades can put silver coins in your jug though and it deducts pennies from the total penny count, but adds to the total amount. The class with the most pennies and most collected will receive a prize. Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Yoder at yoderj@ctkl.org. Thank you in advance for helping us raise money for a great cause. It is appreciated. The coin war will happen between Oct. 11th and Nov. 1st

Please start telling your friends and family about the CTK Trunk and Treat event. ANY child is able to participate in this family-friendly event. As long as they have appropriate costumes, they can trick or treat, play some fun games, and eat some delicious food. If you would like to decorate a car and reserve your spot or if you have questions, please call Tressa Roemer or yours truly at 883-3730. This event will be taking place on Friday, Oct. 27th, from 5- 7 PM. Thank you for getting the word out! 

Mr. McGathy and I will be hosting a 15 minute school assembly at CTK Sebewaing on Tuesday, October 31st. This is to conclude October, which is Cancer Awareness Month. This will take place at 2:35 PM and run until the end of the day. The reason for the assembly is to bring awareness to the children about one of the most despicable diseases that the devil ever created - Cancer. If you have lost someone to cancer, please wear the color that shows your support to those people struggling with the same form of cancer. If not, CTK is asking that you wear lavender (light purple) which represents all forms of cancer that day. 

    HELP!!! CTK Athletics is currently seeking an adult to coach the B-basketball boys’ team. If you have the special skills to teach young men and basketball, please let Mrs. Katie Gremel know immediately. We have an overabundance of players who would like to have a chance to play basketball. But CTK does not have a coach yet. The season opener is November 7th. If we do not have a coach, CTK will not be able to field a team. Practices need to begin very soon. Please think about making this sacrifice for our young men. The season runs through December.

    “Mr. Kaiser looks so pretty in that costume.” That is what I would like to hear from all the beet truck drivers as I stand outside and wave to them. In order for this to happen, I need you or a loved one to decorate their car for the Trunk or Treat. Because I care that this event takes place, I am willing to wear a costume (of my choosing) for two days (one at each campus). In order for this to occur, CTK needs to have forty (40) cars registered for Trunk or Treat that are decorated. I will not be wearing Michigan sportswear. Think something long and yellow or possibly something fantastic. I will also be watching that evening to make sure that there are 40 trunks decorated. I will then make sure to dress accordingly in the days following the event. CTK is expecting somewhere between 450-500 children to walk through, if weather is decent. Please help make this event possible! Please call Mrs. Tressa Roemer at (989) 551-0782 or call the school office at 883- 3730 to let us know.

    A special shout out about a Christ the King Lutheran kiddo. Annie Bowman, a fourth grade student at Christ the King Lutheran School in Sebewaing, has been selected to participate in "Be a Senator for a Day" Contest, held by the office of Phil Pavlov. She was chosen from the entries at the Sebewaing Township Library, after the summer reading program was completed. She will be traveling to the Capitol building in Lansing on October 19. During her visit there, she will be treated to lunch, a tour of the Capitol building and a lesson on Michigan's history. After that, she will be sworn in, as all newly elected officials, on the Michigan Senate Chamber Floor, as a Junior Senator for the day. As part of her responsibilities, she, along with other Junior Senators, will take part in a committee hearing. They will have an opportunity to listen to the positives and negatives of a bill. Once testimony from each side of the issue is given, she will have time to ask questions, give opinions, and then vote on the topic. Ed. Note - I asked Mrs. Bowman to print this. I am proud of our CTK kids whether they excel as sports, music, robotics, or whatever. If your child is doing something awesome, please let me know about it. I want to give everyone a chance at some recognition (IE - I know I have a HUGE 4H group. What’s happening in 4H?) I want to hear about sports outside of CTK, artwork, musical talent, construction projects, but please, no misdemeanors or felonies please.

    Mrs. Mammel has mentioned to me that many students are not current with immunization records. Your child should have received a notice from either the Huron or Tuscola County Health Departments about updating students’ shot records. If you are choosing to not have your child immunized, you still need to go to the respective health department and sign a waiver there. CTK is NOT allowed to hand out these waivers. These can only be done at the health department. Speaking of immunization clinics, the Huron County Health Department is going to be holding an immunization clinic on Wednesday October 25. If you are interested in participating in this event, you must call the health department at 989-269-9723 and request an appointment time.

    CTK is working hard to improve our athletics program and equipment. We are selling blankets they are 63” x 63” and made of 100% Hi-bulk acrylic, each packaged in a handy vinylzippered travel bag. Machine wash and dry, made in the USA and can be personalized. Each blanket is available for the cost of $50 if you choose to personalize a blanket the cost is $65. Questions about orders should be directed to Amanda Roggenbuck at 989-600-1642. The deadline to order is November 8, 2017. Blankets will arrive before Christmas break and would make excellent gifts for students, alumni, grandparents, sponsors, godparents, and parents. An order form is attached to the newsletter. A sample will be available at the Sebewaing campus this week.

    HEY AMAZON SHOPPERS!!! We all shop Amazon! Whether you have Amazon Prime, or you simply shop at Amazon this is a great way to earn a little extra money that benefits Christ the King school. What’s even better is that it costs you nothing! While you are making your everyday and holiday purchases and throughout the year, simply enter amazon at this link: https://smile.amazon.com/. Log in from that site as you normally would and search for Knights for a Brighter Tomorrow, Sebewaing, MI, select them to be the recipient of the donation from Amazon. When you complete your purchase Amazon make a small contribution for the benefit of Christ the King School. Those funds are used to provide many of the things our students need and again it costs you nothing. What a simple way to make a big difference without spending more money. 

    In addition to Amazon, you are also able to support CTK through collecting your Luke’s receipts and bringing them into your student’s teacher. One preschool mommy asked how far back she could go to turn in the receipts. It is my belief that the program started Sept 1 and runs through the middle of February. If you have family or friends who are true Luke shoppers, please politely ask for their receipts. It would be a bit creepy if you try to crawl through your neighbor’s window to get them while they are sleeping, so please ask them instead. Also, Mrs. Mammel has announced that CTK will need to make a deposit of BoxTops by Friday, October 27th. Please make sure you have family members get the BoxTops to the school office by Trunk or Treat evening. Finally, if you are constantly shopping at Krogers (or even occasionally shop there), please sign up for Kroger Community Rewards. CTK will get a small percentage of the total amount that you spend there. Please take time to do this for us.

    It is that time of month again where I need to remind parents to make a monthly payment for their school account. Please make sure to have your student turn that into the school office or their teacher. When the payment is processed, I will try to send you an email stating that we received it. Thanks.

    Remember that if you are a member of Immanuel or St. Paul, you need to attend church twice a month at an LCMS congregation. If it is not Immanuel or St. Paul, your child needs to bring in a bulletin to the teacher.

    Chapel will normally be on Wednesday mornings. The chapel designation for Sept. through Nov. is the Lutheran Church Charities, K-9 Comfort Dogs. These dogs are taken to areas of natural disasters or tragic accidents and used for therapy. I ask that you think about giving your child a small offering each Wednesday to help Christ the King support this charity.

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    For Information about our After School Latch Key Program, please call Mrs. Vermeersch at 674-8691, Unionville Campus.
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