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Christ the King Lutheran School would like to invite you to the Sebewaing gymnasium as the students in grades 5-8 present Folk Tales for Fun. Bring your family, friends, and neighbors, and people from the Marathon station on Monday, April 24th at 1:30 PM or Tuesday, April 25th at 6:30 PM. This is a play about folk tales from around the world. Who is one of the main characters? I Don’t Know. (Inside humor).

A notice to parents of a Unionville student in Kindergarten or first grade, children who are car pick up will need to be picked up on April 24th from the Sebewaing Campus. The Unionville Campus will be joining the other students at Sebewaing Campus to enjoy the play. After school, the shuttle bus will run only from Sebewaing Campus that day. Again, children will need to be picked up from Sebewaing Campus on Monday, April 24th, at 3:05 PM. Those who ride the bus will take the shuttle from Sebewaing that afternoon.

I would like to announce a special family concert hosted by St. Paul Lutheran Church in Unionville. This will be happening on Wednesday, April 26th at 7 PM. The featured performer is Rev. Dave Horn. He and his wife travel across the US performing original music that emphasizes the riches of the Gospel, using lyrics that teach and music that brings peace. A free-will offering will be collected. Please bring your kids and join St. Paul for this inspirational event.

A few chapel notes I need to pass onto you… 1. Chapel for this week will be held on Thursday due to a fourth grade field trip. Also, for those people who are attending at Unionville Campus, 2. I will be leading chapel which means that Chapel will be held at 1 PM. I still teach in the morning. 3. Chapel for next week will be one service at Immanuel Lutheran. This will be so Kindergarten and First Grade can join us for Public Safety Appreciation Day. I will be conducting the service again but Mr. Richard Schumacher from Lutheran Special Education Ministries will be giving the homily. 4. Finally, I ask that you continue to show your child Christian stewardship by providing a Chapel offering. The last offering designation of the school year is Good Samaritan Rescue Mission in Bay City.

ATTENTION FAMILIES WHO SOLD CLUB CHOICE The delivery date scheduled for Club Choice delivery will be THIS THURSDAY. Please make sure that you are available on Thursday afternoon from 3 PM until 4:30 PM to pick up your order. I would like to reiterate that CTK does not have freezer space to keep your products overnight. If you cannot pick up your order, you will need to find someone else to pick it up during those hours. Also, children are not allowed to take the orders on the school bus. This is a safety issue. Thank you.

I would like to extend an invitation for parents who have a child involved in Chorale or handbell choirs or who have registered for the MusicFest to attend this glorious display of God-given musical talent at St. Paul Lutheran, Millington. The street address is 4941 West Center Street, Millington, 48746. The MusicFest will be taking place on Friday, April 28th. Our students will definitely put a smile on God’s face when He hears them glorify Him with voice or instruments. To God be the glory…

One last chance for the school year to attend a parenting Bible class hosted by the TIMEOUT group. Pastor Stolarczyk will have the honor of leading the last segment of The Sticky Faith Bible study entitled “The Ups and Downs of the Sticky Faith that Sticks.” This will be taking place next Sunday, April 30th, with the meal beginning at 5 PM. They do ask that you RSVP (Facebook - Time Out Immanuel Sebewaing MI) so they can project for the pizza dinner that will be provided. Even if you do not RSVP, please come out and join your brothers and sisters in Christ. If you have any questions or to RSVP over the phone, please call either Mrs. Becky Fiebig (989) 670-5635 or Mrs. Lori Kemp (989) 553-5933.

Mrs. Gettel and Mrs. Lutz would like to inform you of a fundraiser for Christ the King Lutheran School. There is a nursery on M-25 called Buds to Blooms. From May 1 - May 31, the nursery is willing to donate 10% of your purchases back to CTK. The only action you need to take is to let them know at the point of purchase that you want to have your purchase count for Christ the King. So PLEASE, if you are looking to begin your flowerbed preparations (It did just snow on Thursday).

Mrs. Roggenbuck has requested that I PLEAD with you to come forward to volunteer to make Public Safety Day possible on Wednesday, May 3 from 7:30 am through 1 pm. She has LOTS of vacancies that need to be filled or the day will need to be canceled. Please don’t let this happen. Mrs. Amanda Roggenbuck’s number is 989-600-1642.

Mrs. Yoder would like me to inform ALL parents who have a 6th or 7th grade student of a major event coming soon. If your family still has a balance for Camp Wolverine, you need to pay this balance IN FULL by Wednesday, May 3rd. All payments need to be turned into Mrs. Yoder. Thank you in advance for doing so.

The date for the St. Paul voters’ meeting is May 15th. CTK needs you to show up and have your voices heard about the direction for Christ the King.

    There are two requests that I would like to ask of the families of Christ the King Lutheran School. My first request, as I asked in the email on Friday morning, I ask that you continue to take your child to church regularly (if not, weekly). CTK has only a short amount of time to influence and create a regular faith journey which would include daily Bible study in school and corporate worship on the weekends. After a short time, they will make their own decision about worshipping their Lord and Savior. CTK can only do so much in regards to their faith. They need to see it practiced by their family as well. Please remember that we would love to work WITH you to make their faith stronger so that they will choose to continue to keep Christ in the center of their lives. Thank you for listening to me.

    The second request is now that Tax Day has passed and I know you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax refunds to figure out what to do with, I ask that you remember the financial commitment you made to CTK and payoff your family balance so you are able to register for next school year.

    I have heard that the CTK Track Team did quite well at their first track meet. There are too many results to list. If you would like to see the results of how OUR team did, please check out the CTK Facebook Page.

    If you hear that your friends, family, or even your neighbors are unhappy with their present school, I ask that you share your experience at Christ the King Lutheran School in Unionville and Sebewaing. Please stop into the office and I will have a business card that you could give to them. I want our present CTK family to grow again. This will allow us to live what our new mission statement says: Bring in. You may simply want them to call the office and talk with me. That is a different option. It is time to talk up OUR school. School number is 883-3730.

    I am looking for two or three parents who would love to be in charge of hosting a small meal for CTK in the Great Room. I would love to offer a meal before the social media presentation which will be led by Detective Rich from the MSP. If you would like to help CTK provide an educational opportunity for ALL parents, please let me know ASAP. Please email a yes principal@ctkl.org or call the school office and say that you would be interested in helping make the social media a big success.

    I would ask that you say a prayer of safety for the fourth grade class and Mrs. Schamber. They will be traveling to our state’s capital this week on Wednesday morning. They will be meeting government officials while touring the capital grounds. I also heard that they will eating at a fine restaurant establishment…Chez Donalds. Good choice, Mrs. Schamber, good choice.

    Mrs. Kundinger and the 3rd Grade Class will be welcoming Mrs. Katie Verhaar from Scheurer Hospital to their classroom for the next six weeks. Mrs. Verhaar will be emphasizing the importance of brain and spinal cord injury prevention to the class on Tuesday afternoons. Mrs. Kundinger also let me know that after the course is completed, each student will be receiving a bike helmet. This week, they will be discussing the parts of the nervous system.

    Please continue to turn in your family scripture poster into either school office. I have seen some remarkable posters with some wonderful pieces of Scripture which will be hung up soon. I am also looking for a parent who has prior knowledge of lamination to help preserve some of the small posters with lamination before they adorn OUR hallowed hallways.

    Mrs. Brink asked me to write an article for the newsletter about food (sort of). CTK will have copies of Christ the King Lutheran School’s Middle School Recipe Book available for you to purchase in the next few weeks. Students did a wonderful job with their recipes. Each recipe includes a picture of the student who submitted that recipe. The cost for each recipe book is $25. All net proceeds will go towards the school heating system. If you would like a copy, please send an email to brinky@ctkl.org . A payment (checks payable to CTKL) will need to be sent to me by April 26th. I will get them printed and distributed to you as soon as they arrive. Any questions please call me at 989-977-2282.

    Please be on the lookout for a registration letter that will be sent out this week. There is some important information that you will need to have for next year. Most of the information applies to each and every family. Part of the letter states that you need to make sure that you have your family balance settled with the school office before you register for next year. Please make sure to read the ENTIRE letter this year. Also, registration fees will need to be 
    taken care of by the first week of school next year which I have slated to start on Aug. 28th.

    Christ the King Lutheran School will be looking for someone with some musical talent. If you are able to play the piano and would like to help support CTK, please let Mr. Kaiser know ASAP. After many years of service to the Lord, the woman who has done a fantastic job for CTK choirs, Mrs. Sandy Marxhausen has decided that this school year will be her last year accompanying all the school choirs: the Cherub choir, the Junior Children’s choir, and the Chorale. Again, CTK would love to hear from you if you are able to sacrifice some time out of your week to help the children by playing piano. Please call the school office at 989-883-3730.

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    4th Quarter Chapel Offering designation.

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    For Information about our After School Latch Key Program, please call Mrs. Vermeersch at 674-8691, Unionville Campus.
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