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The CTK Student Council would like to join Lutheran World Relief’s Baskets of Hope campaign. Each week, a different item will be collected to build Personal Care Kits to give to people around the world facing life’s most challenging situations. Items may be brought to the short hallway near the drink machine. Here is a schedule of what CTK is collecting: Feb. 14 - Bars of Soap; Feb. 21 - Bath Towels (max. 52x27); Feb. 28 - Sturdy Combs (No picks or fine-toothed combs); Mar. 7 - Hand Towels; Mar. 14 - Nail Clippers; and Mar. 21 - A repeat of any week prior to this one. PLEASE NOTE - CTK will not collect TOOTHBRUSHES this year as the organization already has a surplus.

The TIME OUT Group from Immanuel was thrilled by the number of people who attended the first session of The Heart of Family Bible study. We would love to have you attend the next session on Sunday, February 25th at 5 PM. Pastor Garrison will again be leading the session. And yes, there will be hot pizza to eat. Childcare will be available too.

There is another Sebewaing Immunization Clinic taking place this month. It will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 28th. This will be held at Dr. Canfield’s office. Please call the Huron County Health Department to make an appointment at 989-269-9723. Clinics are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather.

In addition to the Parent Bible Studythe TIMEOUT Group is also wanting you to SAVE THE DATE for Saturday, April 21st. The group is organizing the 2nd annual Dusty Clubs Golf Scramble. Golfers and Hole Sponsors are both needed. More details are being finalized as we speak.

    A quick reminder of a few actions needed from you:
    1. If you have scheduled a sub for hot lunch, please make sure to send in $25 to the school office on the day you are scheduled so we can get the money to your sub.
    2. Please continue to fill out your record of fellowship cards at St. Paul and Immanuel or you will be charged for missing the services. ($75 for one service or $150 for two services.) If you are a member, you are required to attend at least twice a month at an LCMS congregation.
    3. For the past few years, CTK has been honored to have a wonderful family be part of OUR CTK family. It is with great sadness that God has provided a new ministry for the family to pursue in Texas. Please make sure to say goodbye to the Monforton family - Adam and Nedene, and our students, Evalinn, Orion, Donavin, Arlington, and Remington. You have placed many memories on our hearts at CTK. Thank you for being a part of our family and may God continue to bless your new school, church, and community as much as He did so here at CTK.
    A blessing for OUR Monforton family:
    May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
    (Celtic Blessing)

    Do you know what is special about February 28th? This is when CTK will stop accepting Luke’s receipts. If you are like the Kaisers, you have receipts in a Ziploc bag at home. It is now time to get those bad boys into the office so Mrs. Mammel and her motley crew can tally them. We do not have too many days left before the program ends for the year. Please drop off your receipts to the school office (double check that they fall between Sept, & February, 2018).

    CTK Track team signup will begin today. A signup sheet will be posted on the cafeteria door for any and all students in grades 4-8. BEFORE YOU CAN PRACTICE, you need to have a physical on file with the AD. If this is the first sport you are participating in and did not take part in the CTK Physical Day last year, you will need to get a physical before you can even start practicing for the track seasons with Coaches Gremel and Stecker.

    And so it begins - the AR Challenge:  CTK is waging war against all the other Lutheran schools in the nation. CTK wants to have a class who has read and earned the most AR points from now until early March. Mr. Kaiser buys lunch for the class who wins it all! Start reading!!!

    CTK has been stricken by several sicknesses as of late. I just want to remind parents that before you send your child back to school, they need to be fever-free for 24 hours (without medication). Let’s keep us “yucky-free”. Thank you, Mr. Kaiser.

    I wanted to give you a quick info blast about some new Bible studies that have begun or are going to be started in the near future at our churches…Please feel free to attend any of these offerings: At St. Paul, a Bible study called MAN UP will be taking place starting Feb. 11. This will be taking place in the evenings. Also at St. Paul, a new class has started called Spiritual Fitness on Sunday mornings. Finally, a women’s Bible study called Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply will be taking place on Thursday mornings. Please check out the St. Paul website for more details about these Bible classes at stpauluinionville.360unite.com

    At Immanuel, Pastor Boyer has begun leading a Bible study on Creation vs. Evolution calling Demolishing Strongholds. This Bible study is written by Dr. Ken Ham. It is a DVD series which will help students and adults strengthen their skills in Christian apologetics. This will take place between services on Sunday mornings. Also at Immanuel, Mrs. Cindy Smith will be leading a women’s Bible study called God is in the Laundry Room. There is a small cost for this offering. If you have any questions about these classes, please call the church or the school office for more information.

    As always, CTK would love to invite your child to attend Sunday school at either Immanuel, St. Paul, or your home congregation.

    Hey Parents, I wanted to let you know that if there is a snow day or a day which has been scheduled as a break for CTK, please feel free to call Mrs. Vermeersch and make use of our all day Latchkey program. This will be held at the Unionville campus. Give her a call (989-674-8691) for more details if this would help you out for childcare on those days where CTK is closed. Please call now to reserve your spot, just in case we have another snow day. Thanks, Mr. Kaiser

    A reminder about the new chapel designation for the months of December through February. During these months, the school will be participating in Hearts for Jesus. The Hearts for Jesus organization for this year is the Lutheran Special Education Ministries (LSEM). They will be viewing a few videos to show how LSEM helps those people in need.

    Remember that if you are a member of Immanuel or St. Paul, you need to attend church twice a month at an LCMS congregation. If it is not Immanuel or St. Paul, your child needs to bring in a bulletin to the teacher.

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    For Information about our After School Latch Key Program, please call Mrs. Vermeersch at 674-8691, Unionville Campus.
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