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That Mrs. Mammel is always up to something! She has been talking with the branch manager at Independent Bank. Independent Bank will be giving away $80,000 to 16 local non-profits in 2017. You may vote once per day and rally support for your favorite non-profit like Good Samaritan Rescue Mission or St. Paul Food Pantry from March 15-29. The top four nonprofits will each win $5,000. Let’s make sure that St. Paul and Good Samaritan get the votes they need to bring home this award from Independent Bank. 

Little Knight Preschool Registration will take place after school on March 21st. This will be held from 3:30 - 7:30 PM. Please note: After school latchkey will be closed that day. Please make other arrangements for your children that day. Again, after school latchkey will be closed on Tuesday, March 21st . This is due to preschool registration that night. 

Mrs. Yoder would like me to use a few lines of the newsletter to let you know that 6th and 7th classes are selling Butter Braids to raise funds for their outdoor education camp. The classes will be attending Camp Wolverine. Order and money need to be given to a 6th or 7th grade student by Wednesday, March 22nd. 

Mrs. Kaiser would like me to give you an early heads up about Read Around Night in March. Since March is National Reading Awareness Month, she has coordinated a family-fun activity geared towards the younger grades (but the older students are most certainly still invited to come). On Thursday, March 23rd , Unionville Campus will have storybook characters come to life as the children will listen to the characters narrate their own story. The festivities begin at 6 PM at Unionville. More details will be announced later. Please begin to tell your family & friends about this fun way to promote reading to our “Littlest Bookworms.” Any questions or possibly wanting to help, please call Mrs. Kaiser at 674-8691.

In order to stay on schedule with USA schools, March 24th is a half day. Please make note of that slight change. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience caused by that error.

A few parents have asked me to inform other parents about how we could improve CTK. One way that was mentioned was going to your home congregation voters’ meetings. The budget will be a major talking point in the next two meetings. In order to vote on the budget, a member must attend one meeting to sign the church’s constitution. At the next meeting, the member will then be allowed to vote on any church matter. Immanuel Lutheran Church has scheduled the following dates for its voters’ meetings: April 17th and May 15th. Both of these meetings start at 7: 30 PM. St. Paul Lutheran Church has not scheduled the date for its voters’ meetings. This is an easy way for you to make a difference for Christ the King Lutheran School - to let your voice be heard. You are able to let your church and school know in which direction you would like them to go.

Mrs. Roggenbuck would like to ask for a few parent volunteers. CTK is in need of  10 parent volunteers on Wednesday, May 3rd. This has been chosen to be the date that CTK holds its second annual Public Safety Day recognition. The day would run from 7:30 AM through 1 PM.

    In our prayers: 
    • The family of Mrs. Carol Mammel, our school secretary, and Mrs. Ursula Gangler (Sebewaing Head Cook) as they mourn the loss of their husband and father.
    • Mr. Matthew Deneen who is is considering a Call to be our 8th Grade Teacher beginning next school year.

    Christ the King Lutheran School will be looking for someone with some musical talent. If you are able to play the piano and would like to help support CTK, please let Mr. Kaiser know ASAP. After many years of service to the Lord, the woman who has done a fantastic job for CTK choirs, Mrs. Sandy Marxhausen has decided that this school year will be her last year accompanying all the school choirs: the Cherub choir, the Junior Children’s choir, and the Chorale. Again, CTK would love to hear from you if you are able to sacrifice some time out of your week to help the children by playing piano. Please call the school office at 989-883-3730.

    Hey Parents, please remember that when you attend St. Paul or Immanuel Lutheran Churches, please fill out a record of attendance card and hand it to the elder on duty. I want to make sure that you are fulfilling your requirement for church attendance at these two churches. If you attend a different LCMS church, please grab a bulletin for me. Thanks, David Kaiser. 

    Please make sure that you are paying down your school family balance at this time. I would love to have your family back at Christ the King next year. In order for that to happen, your balance needs to be satisfied. ALSO, I would love to have a new set of 27 students join our spiritual family at Christ the King Lutheran. If there is a family whom you think would benefit from the atmosphere at CTK, please give me their name and number, or give them my number to setup a “discussion,” 989-577-9432. What better way to show your children how to be an active member of Christ the King than to be involved in the first part of our school mission statement - Bring in. Christ the King Lutheran School grows because of the positive words that you share with your friends and family.

    SPEAKING OF THE GSMR…the CTK Student Council is sponsoring a Toilet Paper Drive for the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission in Bay City. Mr. Bunke remembered that the biggest expenditure of the mission is toilet paper. He and the student leadership at CTK are coordinating this drive. Scoring is average TP rolls per student. 6 th Grade??!? Let’s get going here. Your class is a little behind (Unless that is your strategy.). Remember each class is collecting rolls of toilet paper to send to the rescue mission. Go Knights! 

    Christ the King Lutheran School would like to announce the winners of the America & Me Essay Contest. The topic for this year’s writing contest was “My Personal Michigan Hero.” The three students being recognized for 2016-2017 are as follows: third place - Miss Hailey VanDuser, second place - Miss Emma Stecker, and first place, Miss Grace Williamson. The essay written by Miss Williamson will now advance to the statewide competition from which the top ten entries in the state will be selected. The statewide winners will be announced in April. The three winning essays are posted on the school Facebook page as well as the school website for you to read. Great Job, Grace, Emma, and Hailey!!! 
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    Offering Update: My staff has given me the updated totals for the A2E camps: Christ the King Lutheran School has given $586.00 to the Michigan District for Hearts for Jesus campaign. Mr. Bunke has informed me that the new chapel designation for March through June will be going to the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission.

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    For Information about our After School Latch Key Program, please call Mrs. Vermeersch at 674-8691, Unionville Campus.
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