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Warmest Christmas Blessings to You and Your Family from Christ the King Lutheran School. It is quite an exciting time of the year when children (and faculty) enjoy the first few white snowflakes as they come down and cover up the brown, dead grass. Although some people think that snow is pure, it actually has a small impurity in its core. This is similar to the sickness that affects you and me. Sin has penetrated our heart. No matter how “pure” or sinless, we know that inside we have that original sin in our hearts. Advent and Christmas do give us Christians hope as we await for the tiny Christ baby to arrive. It is joyous that we know the outcome before we die physically. However, it is sad that this tiny Child of God will one day die on a gruesome death on the cross in our place. His crimson blood will make us whiter than snow. We will truly be pure, not because of what we did. But because of what He did.

Christ the King Lutheran School recently adopted a new mission statement. The mission statement is shared throughout the school. The students are even able to recite the mission statement as months of training. “Our mission as a spiritual family at Christ the King Lutheran School is to Bring in, Build up, and Send Out disciples for Jesus Christ.” We would love to share its meaning with you when you come to visit OUR school. Please see the contact information below for a chance to schedule an appointment to see God’s ministry at work at CTK.

It is my pleasure to invite you to two of CTK’s Christmas programs. The first program will be Friday, December 15th, at 10 AM. This will be taking place at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Unionville. The preschool through first grades will be sharing their love of Jesus with those in attendance. The same program will be offered again on Sunday, December 17th, at St. Paul. That program will start at 4 PM. A different program will be provided on Wednesday, December 20th at Immanuel Lutheran Church. This program will be starting at 7 PM. The students in second through eighth grade will be providing the message for this program. Please let your family and friends know that CTK would love to see them as well.

This year, Christ the King is focusing on Signs of Faith as the school theme. The school’s theme verse is Hebrews 11:1 which states “Faith is the confidence of things hoped for, the assurance of things not seen.” The pastors from Immanuel, St. Paul, St. John/St. Peter, and Good Shepherd Lutheran Churches, along with myself have been providing weekly devotions which emphasize that faith. In addition to that, I have provided a link for families to utilize Advent devotions written by a former student of mine as another means of spending time in God’s Word. We still have one more week of Advent in the Afternoon services at Christ the King before we begin our tradition chapel schedule at the beginning of the New Year. Speaking of chapel, I would love for you to come and listen as our pastors, special guest preachers, and I hold a chapel service every Wednesday morning for OUR students. Chapel is held at the Sebewaing campus at 8:00 AM. It is held at 9:30 AM for the Unionville campus. We would love to worship Jesus Christ with you.

By now you have seen that I am a strict believer in Matthew 18. I will continue to stress to everyone that the first action Christ commands us to do is to speak to the individual with whom we have a conflict. If a resolution does not occur, then find another party who is willing to help moderate the situation. I simply ask that we as an entire school family continue to follow Jesus’ plan for peace. I will continue to pray for you and your family. If you have a prayer request, please let me know. Plus, there is a box outside the school office that a prayer group is willing to pray for your situation as well.

Knowing that I want Christ to be emphasized in your home, I ask that you take a spiritual faith walk with your family each week. Find some time to sit down and read God’s Word, attend church, and read Bible stories. Make an effort to immerse your son or daughter in the love of Jesus Christ. Give them as many opportunities as possible. Surround them with friends who share that same faith of Jesus Christ. Allow your children to come to COLLIDE Youth events when they are held. We need to make sure these young men and women are ready for the battle of a lifetime that will last a lifetime, until Jesus Christ calls us to our heavenly home.

Christ the King has hosted several community events since August including a Trunk or Treat event and many family events from the TIME OUT parenting group from Immanuel Lutheran Church. CTK would love to invite you to join us for any family event that is taking place on our school website, If you have any questions about an event, please feel free to call the CTK school office at 989-883-3730. Thank you for taking the time to read about Christ the King Lutheran School. I would love to talk with you if you have any questions about CTK or if you have any questions about our sponsoring congregations, St. Paul Lutheran Church in Unionville or Immanuel Lutheran Church in Sebewaing. Also, if there is someone you know who has been interested in Christ the King Lutheran School, please pass their name onto me so I may begin a dialog with them about their child’s faith in Christ. Again, the school office phone number is 883-3730.

I pray that you make a difference in God’s ministry this week.

In HIS Service,
David Kaiser, Principal
Christ the King Lutheran School, Sebewaing/Unionville

Sebewaing Campus (989) 883-3730
Unionville Campus (989) 674-8691


I would like to make an earnest plea to all parents of Christ the King. These very few years spent at a Lutheran school will provide a lifestyle that most children will emulate. My plea is that you take the time to show how important it is to give time to Jesus each week through Sunday worship and devotions held at home. I know that time is a precious commodity when it comes to family and you may not be able to have devotions each night with your family. I would ask that you sit down and eat dinner as a family and either begin the meal or end it with a small devotion – Portals of Prayer, Arch books, etc. Also remember that the Board of Elders from both churches have passed a policy about worshipping twice a month. If you have any questions, please ask your home elders about the policy.

I would also ask that you think about attending Bible study and taking your child to Sunday school. The more we are able to immerse your child in a loving, Christian atmosphere, the less likely the devil will be able to lead OUR children away from Christ. Please check your church for starting dates for Sunday school.

My normal office hours are from 8 AM - 4 PM, with exception to days when I will be away for a meeting.

Disaster Drill Times for the 2017-2018 School Year:
9/7/2017Fire drill CTK Sebewaing, 1 min, 14 sec.
9/18/2017 - Fire drill CTK Sebewaing, 1 min, 42 sec.
10/12/2017 - Fire drill
10/18/2017 - Shelter in place drill
11/1/2017 - Fire Drill, 1 min, 52 sec.
11/13/2017 - Fire Drill, 1 min, 48 sec.
12/12/17 - Shelter in place drill
2/13/18 - Shelter in place drill
2/14/18 - Shelter in place drill


To learn more about Christ the King Lutheran School, please view or download the CTKL FACT SHEET by opening the attachment below. Feel free to share a copy with anyone else that might be interested in attending Christ the King Lutheran School. For more information, to schedule a tour of CTKL, or to arrange for your child to shadow a class for a day, please contact the education office at 989-883-3730.

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