Principal's Corner

It feels like yesterday was the first day of school. I was learning names of the preschoolers and Kindergarteners. Now that I look ahead, there is less than a month of school left. I feel blessed to be part of this awesome faith-building organization. Plans have been made for summer vacation plans. My prayer is that your family does not take a vacation from God this summer. My hope is that you do not fall for the devil’s trap and treat your faith like summer break from Christ the King. As you take a break from school to refresh your mind, I pray that you continue to forge a stronger faith this summer and let OUR Lord and Savior refresh you weekly as you attend church to worship the God Almighty with your CTK family at Immanuel, St. Paul, St. John, St. Peter, and Grace. I would like to remind CTK families that the church attendance policy still is monitored throughout the summer. Please make sure to attend church on a regular basis. CTK and the above churches need your prayer support and your financial support so that they can continue to provide opportunities for your family to increase and solidify their faith, including weekly worship opportunities, a Lutheran school (that’s US!), and unique fellowship opportunities when they arise. 

There are many different opportunities to come together yet this school year and be part of the Christ the King Lutheran School family. On Wednesday, May 17th, Miss Mary Canfield will be introducing ALL of CTK to its first ever STEAM fair. The acronym STEAM means science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. I know that she and all the students have been working hard to make last minute adjustments to their STEAM projects. It will be exciting to see what the students have produced for their projects. This will be taking place starting at 3 PM. The next evening, May 18th, any and all adults are invited to an adult education event as Detective Rich from the MSP - Cyber Crimes division will give a presentation on the risks and dangers of social media. There will be a light dinner served at 6 PM and the presentation will then commence at 7 PM. Babysitting is available for this event. Finally, on Friday, May 19th, Christ the King will be hosting a day of fun Christian fellowship when it holds Field Day. Students will be treated to a BBQ lunch and then compete in their chapel families in various games in which the loving faculty of CTK has prepared for them to participate. 

During the week of May 22nd, the hallways of the Sebewaing Campus will be a bit quieter and much less crowded. Both the 6th and 7th grades will be attending Camp Wolverine for outdoor education. In addition to those classes being elsewhere, the students of the 8th grade class will be learning about the history of Washington, DC, as they travel to our US Capitol for a class trip. When they return, tears will be shed as the preschoolers graduate from Little Knights preschool and the 8th graders graduate from Christ the King Lutheran School. The last day of school is slated for June 2nd. CTK will be planning on having its second Goodbye BBQ at the Unionville Campus that evening. All are welcome to attend this special event where parents can unwind and kids can play together one more time before Summer Break takes place. 

I do want to let you know there are some changes which I feel will make Christ the King Lutheran School. One reality that will be taking place is that the student fees and registration fees will both be increased. These have been adjusted minimally the last few years. However, in order for Christ the King Lutheran School to remain competitive with schools throughout the Thumb region, the Board of Education and voters’ assemblies have agreed to raise both fees. Because of the increase in fees, there is an exciting possibility that may come to fruition. It has always been an observation of mine that in order for CTK to continue to grow in numbers and continue to minister to those children who come in order to learn about Jesus, Christ the King needs a full-time principal. The Board of Education has proposed to both voters’ assemblies to do so. That is one reason why fees will increase next year.

I ask that you continue to pray for the Confirmands of Immanuel, St. Paul, and St. John Lutheran churches. The time is waning in their catechesis instruction. Please pray that they know that Confirmation is not a finish line for their faith. Rather, it is the beginning of a lifelong faith journey with which Christ the King has provided a solid foundation. We emphasize Jesus Christ is the solid cornerstone where candidates may lean upon during trying times, pray upon when uncertainty looms, and rejoice upon during celebrations. 

I would love to see just as many new students enroll this summer that God led to us last year. It is my prayer that you continue to talk with friends and family about the wonderful experience that your children experienced at Christ the King this year. My hope is that you would share my contact information with them. If you are a family interested in learning more about Christ the King Lutheran School, I would love for you to call me at 989-883-3730. It would be my pleasure to talk with you, pray with you, and give you a tour of OUR facilities. Your children do NOT have to be Lutheran in order to attend Christ the King Lutheran School. With thanks to parents of CTK, faculty of CTK, and church leadership of CTK, OUR school has adopted a new mission statement that states: 

“Our mission as a spiritual family at Christ the King Lutheran School is
to Bring In, Build up, and Send Out disciples for Jesus Christ.” 

Christ the King would love to have the opportunity to educate your child in academics but more importantly, to educate your child about the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. 

In HIS Service, 

David Kaiser, Principal 
Christ the King Lutheran School, Sebewaing/Unionville

Phone Number(s):

Sebewaing Campus (989) 883-3730
Unionville Campus (989) 674-8691


I would like to make an earnest plea to all parents of Christ the King. These very few years spent at a Lutheran school will provide a lifestyle that most children will emulate. My plea is that you take the time to show how important it is to give time to Jesus each week through Sunday worship and devotions held at home. I know that time is a precious commodity when it comes to family and you may not be able to have devotions each night with your family. I would ask that you sit down and eat dinner as a family and either begin the meal or end it with a small devotion – Portals of Prayer, Arch books, etc. Also remember that the Board of Elders from both churches have passed a policy about worshipping twice a month. If you have any questions, please ask your home elders about the policy.

I would also ask that you think about attending Bible study and taking your child to Sunday school. The more we are able to immerse your child in a loving, Christian atmosphere, the less likely the devil will be able to lead OUR children away from Christ. Please check your church for starting dates for Sunday school.

My office hours have changed for this year.  I am available to speak with you in the morning until 8:30 AM and then again after 11:30 AM.

Disaster Drill Times for the 2016-2017 School Year:
            Friday, September 9 - Fire Drill, 2 minutes
            Friday, September 23 - Fire Drill
            Friday, October 7 - Shelter-in-place Drill, 10:45 am
            Wednesday, October 19 - Fire Drill, 1 min. 28 sec.
            Monday, October 31 - Fire Drill
            Monday, November 14 - Fire Drill at 1:15 pm
            Tuesday, November 22 - Shelter-in-place Drill
            Tuesday, February 7 - Shelter-in-place Drill, 1:40 pm
            Thursday, March 2 - Tornado Drill, 10:30 am
            Thursday, March 23 - Tornado Drill, 2:00 pm
            Wednesday, April 5 - Fire Drill in Unionville and Sebewaing
            Tuesday, April 25 - Fire Drill in Unionville and Sebewaing


To learn more about Christ the King Lutheran School, please view or download the CTKL FACT SHEET by opening the attachment below. Feel free to share a copy with anyone else that might be interested in attending Christ the King Lutheran School. For more information, to schedule a tour of CTKL, or to arrange for your child to shadow a class for a day, please contact the education office at 989-883-3730.

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