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Sebewaing Campus (989) 883-3730
Unionville Campus (989) 674-8691


Disaster Drill Times for the 2019-2020 School Year:
9/17/2019 - Fire drill CTK Sebewaing, 1 min  8 sec
9/26/2019 - Fire drill CTK Sebewaing,  52.76 sec
10/14/2019 - Fire drill CTK Sebewaing,  58.71 sec
10/30/2019 - Shelter in place drill Sebewaing,  1 min 6 sec
11/14/2019 - Fire Drill Sebewaing,   57.15 sec
11/26/2019 - Fire Drill Sebewaing,   1 min 3 sec
1/14/20- Shelter in place drill Sebewaing, 1 min 13 sec
2/7/20- Shelter in place drill Sebewaing,  59.83 sec
3/14/20-Tornado Drill Sebewaing, N/A
3/17/20-Tornado Drill Sebewaing, N/A
4/7/20- Fire Drill Sebewaing, N/A
4/28/20-Fire Drill Sebewaing, N/A
5/14/20-Fire Drill Sebewaing, N/A


To learn more about Christ the King Lutheran School, please view or download the CTKL FACT SHEET by opening the attachment below. Feel free to share a copy with anyone else that might be interested in attending Christ the King Lutheran School. For more information, to schedule a tour of CTKL, or to arrange for your child to shadow a class for a day, please contact the education office at 989-883-3730.

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