Weekly Devotion and Lectionary

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No Parking

Philemon 1:6 - and I pray that the sharing of your faith may promote the knowledge of all the good that is ours in Christ.

One reason that I enjoy working (it is not work, it is a privilege) at a Lutheran school is that I get to watch the best missionaries in the world prepare for their assignments when they grow up. I obviously am speaking about the students whom I serve. When I ask for answers, hands fill the horizon of my eyesight as children are excited to share their thoughts about their faith. Even if they are not truly sure they have the right answer, they have the confidence to offer up their knowledge.

One of the most humbling (and earth-shattering) moments of my life came when my “little” Emma was 3 or 4 years old. The Kaisers had a chain-link fence around their backyard to keep the kids in the backyard and keep the critters out. I was having a conversation with my next door neighbor at the fence when my curly-topped daughter came over to the fence. My neighbor dropped to a knee to say hello to Emma. After Emma had exchanged pleasantries with Jackie (Mrs. Wilcox), Emma demonstrated her first shot at being a missionary which caught me off guard and caused me to find the nearest hole and jump in quickly. Emma asked our neighbor, “Jackie, do know about Jesus?” What should have been the proudest moment of my life, turned me to into a nervous, ashamed pile of flesh. Remember, I am a synodically-trained servant of the Word. I should have celebrated this question. We had lived at that house for 6 years and not once had I ever considered to ask my neighbors about their relationship with Jesus Christ. I learned so much from that one minute conversation than I did in most of my doctrinal classes at Concordia, Ann Arbor. Jackie took it in stride and told Emma she did know Jesus. Emma simply said, “OK,” and skipped away to play on her swing set.

I no longer allow my pride to get in my way. When a new family comes into CTK, one of the first topics we discuss is their faith relationship with Jesus Christ. I do not want it on my conscience that I took for granted that a family had a relationship with Jesus Christ. I provide a selection of 7 different Lutheran churches that they might want to visit. When I am not at school, I want to make sure that when God provides a window for me to share the Good News with others, I jump through it and make the most of that conversation. Romans 1:16 says “For I am not ashamed of the gospel: it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

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Your faith will only grow and be strengthened when you take the time to put it into practice. God does not want you to be parked with your faith. He wants you to be active - worshipping Him, studying His Word, taking time to share what you have learned with other people, and even having fellowship with people - believers and unbelievers. For some reason, there is something that happens after a student is confirmed. A persona has been created that it is not cool or socially acceptable to share one’s faith. I strongly disagree. That is not what we have learned. That is not what God has taught us through His living example on earth. Please take the time to ask a child about their faith in Jesus. Buckle your belt and get ready for a conversation of lifetime. When they are finished, share that with someone: either someone you have known or a stranger that God has placed in your life. Remember - do not park your faith.

Written by Mr. David Kaiser

Online sources for personal or family devotions: 


Go to the website above and click on the devotions tab to find an entire liturgy to use at home. These devotions are meant to be used daily for a week and then new devotions are posted. 

I would also like to share a different Bible series that you may want to use at home to start dinner time devotions. I have discovered a new avenue to use for YOUNG children’s ministry. It is called d365.org. You are asked to subscribe to the site which will then send a small family devotion for you to use with your children every single day of the year.

A brand new way to access the Bible as you spend time with your family. Mr. Charles McGathy has posted a way for parents to access a new yearly Bible reading app on Facebook. The app is called Youversion. It will look like a small icon of a Bible. One way is to ask each pastor and myself to write a weekly devotion that you may read together as a family. That is enclosed on the end of the newsletter. Another way is to provide a weekly Bible reading program and a family prayer that you may use at dinner devotions or whenever you hold Jesus Time at home. Please feel free to use this.

Lectionary Readings for This Week:

Mon – Num 9:15-23; Rev 4:1-8
Tues - Ex 25:1-22; I Cor 2:1-10
Weds – Num 6:22-27; Mark 4:21-25
Thurs – I Sam 1:1-18; Acts 25:1-12
Fri – I Sam 1:19-37; Rom 8:31-39
Sat – I Sam 2:1-10; John 7:19-24
Sun – I Sam 8:11-20, 11:14-15; Mark 3:20-35
Mon – I Sam 2:11-17; Rom 9:19-29
Tues - I Sam 2:18-21; Acts 15:1-5, 22-35

Family Prayer for the Week:

Our Father, we pause to thank you for our many blessings, Now Father, we pray that you will enable all of us to show forth your greatness by allowing your love to be seen in each of our lives. We pray in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.